20% of all Sales made in August will Be Donated to

​The California pitbull rescue

Our booths are covered in paw prints.

" Excuse me Madam, do you have

any Beet Burgers?"

When your sun bathing and you

don't want to get up for a snack.

When you've been a bad boy but you cute anyway.

Pitty's Bakery

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Pitty's Bakery is a proud Sponsor of

West Side Pet Sitting 

Pet testimonials

At Pitty’s Bakery we are constantly striving to leave a positive paw print on our environment, the lives of animals, and your family. Each treat is 100% organic and features premium meats, super foods and fresh produce. We encourage you to let your doggy taste the difference.

When you read the ingredients because only Organic will do.

Homemade Organic Dog Treats